Thursday, May 3, 2012

No good deed goes unpunished... Apparently, it's true.

Tonight, we got hit with a severe thunderstorm. Actually not 'a' severe thunderstorm, MULTIPLE severe thunderstorms since this morning. Tonight's were the worst though.

At one point we had hail the size of large marbles and winds over 70kmph strong.

So, I was sitting in the Walmart McDonald's when the worst of those storms started (because they have free wifi, cheap coffee and Scott is working until 10). As the winds hit up, a bunch of shopping carts came flying out of their ports. By now, there was a crowd of about 30 people in the McDonald's just watching and going "Well, those cars are about to be hit."

As I was standing there watching, it suddenly occurred to me how I would feel if I came outside only to see that my car had been hit by a shopping cart and crowds of people had watched it happen. So, I did the only thing I could think of: asked the couple next to me to watch my stuff, and took off through Walmart, out the doors and into the torrential downpour. 

The water in the parking lot was over a foot deep, and there was no way to avoid getting soaked. So, I ignored the consequences and ran forward (ever tried to run through water over a foot deep? Not easy at all!). I managed to snatch five carts just before they hit the cars. I'd grab two, then run them back to the front entrance where the bewildered Walmart staff said "Thanks so much!" As much as I wanted to demand why they weren't helping their customers out, I just nodded and ran back out.

Eventually, I cleared about 8 or 9 carts out of the parking lot; the latter of them I simply secured in the port since there were wedges in that one to prevent them from rolling out. I turned to head back inside only to realize there was a cart headed straight for my car. I was too far away to do anything, and watched in horror as the cart hit my car three times. I took off after it and grabbed the cart before it could do any more damage, noticing the three lovely new dents in my car's back end. I suppose I should be grateful they are only little, but still... it really bites.

After that, Scott had to buy me new shoes on his break as my shoes are now unwearable (hopefully not ruined though), and I have been sitting in soaking wet clothing with no socks for the last two hours. 

I guess the old cliche is true -- no good deed goes unpunished!

Do you have any tales of when you did a good deed and something bad happened either directly or indirectly because of it?


  1. Last week, I held a woman's baby while she used the restroom at my work. The baby had a diaper leak. All over my shirt.

    So, yeah, I got you on "no good deed goes unpunished."


    1. Well, yours definitely beats mine!

  2. Oh my goodness that was incredibly awesome of you! & I cannot believe no one joined you to possibly save that evil cart from hitting you! I hope this comes back to you in a good way later because WOW! I would have totally been right behind you!

  3. That was so, so nice of you. I can't believe the rogue cart got your car. The universe owes you one. :)

    I can't think of any stories like this. I think this means I'm not nice enough...


  4. I took the time to send an amazing and funny care package to a boy I liked and he responded by telling me he had started dating someone else. So fun.

  5. Oh that's so sad!! But good for you for doing that!

    I feel so unkind that I don't have any stories, but sometimes I have been nice and spoke to people in a line or in a store just to be friendly. And then they won't leave me alone. (By the way I found your blog from 20 something bloggers!)

  6. you poor little thing. I am so impressed that you went out and sacrificed your shoes for others. On the upside, you got new shoes, so not a totally wasted deed :)

    Love Elle xo

  7. Awesome story, Tabs! So great of you to run out in the storm and catch the carts. I'm baffled that none of the Wal-Mart employees ran out to help you. I mean, they're getting paid to work there and some unpaid volunteer showed all of them up. You would think that would inspire at least one of them to action. Heck, if I had been there I would have ran out with ya just for the sake of running around in the rain!

    You did a good deed and saved several cars from being damaged. Even if the owners don't know who helped them, you know you did the right thing. That's a reward in itself :)



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